Plugs Movie Movie Update Dcu and Superman James Gunn Must Act Differently

Dcu and Superman James Gunn Must Act Differently

Superman is the jewel in the crown of DC Studios. James Gunn and Peter Safran understand that it is the most important Tone of their Symphony. And as rumors of Casting calls and screen Tests for the superhero begin to circulate, we can’t help but think about all the things DC has done wrong in the past. Superman is the biggest opportunity and the biggest risk of the DCU. If it is not properly staffed, the rest of the DCU will collapse. So there’s a lot of pressure to get it right.

Superman is not a difficult concept to correct. The audience could see that Henry Cavill’s performance was perfect for the character. But the last generation of DC heroes failed due to poor planning and the haste to achieve what Marvel had slowly been doing over the past decade.

Before him, Brandon Routh made his attempt in Superman Returns, which quickly became the defunct aesthetic of superhero movies. Tom Welling in Smallville was a good match for a creative interpretation of a story that has never escaped television. And Christopher Reeve brilliantly played Superman in the 70s and 80s.

But as powerful as the man of steel can be, he can’t build an entire Franchise on his own. If James Gunn and DC want to do Superman well, they have to do something different.

The man of tomorrow

James Gunn has made his goals for the next Superman clear. He wants a young actor, probably someone in their twenties, who can be part of his ten-year plan to overhaul the DCU. There are a lot of rumors that James Gunn has compiled a shortlist for the role of Superman. Rumor has it that three actors are moving to a screen test phase, David Corenswet being one of them, and two others who remain a secret.

It’s easy to say what qualities Superman needs: someone with a strong jaw, a sense of morality and the strength of character it takes to lead the DCU. After all, it’s like asking someone to lead a football team with a guaranteed spot in the Super Bowl this year. The old DC had chosen a great actor, but wrote stories for him that cut the corners of the narrative and met the leaders’ need to win at the MCU level.

Gunn makes a good decision to cast a young actor, not only so that they can stay in the role for about ten years, but so that the DC writers can slowly build a narrative around the character. Avengers: Endgame didn’t happen overnight. And if DC wants this kind of success, Superman, the kingpin of their cinematic universe, must have a slowly developing story. Building this type of narrative takes years, even decades. And whichever actor you get, it is likely that he will also sign your soul for at least the next ten years.


The one who is signed must also be the face of the DCU. At the time when the MCU became popular, the actors played different versions of themselves on and off screen. In an Interview with the cast of The Avengers, Chris Evans would take the stage with the strength and humility of Captain America, while Robert Downey Jr. Would throw roses. The next Superman will have to follow this line. Not weak, but not too proud. The actor must play Superman, Clark Kent and himself for the media.

Another man of steel

The DCU will also have to do something else for the next Superman. Henry Cavill’s Superman was an interpretation of the character that fits into this modern era of superheroes, but because it didn’t work, the narrative was more or less wasted. What needs to happen is The introduction of a new story, not Cavill’s Man of Steel, not Tom Welling’s Smallville, but something that opens up another Chance for the character.

David Carradine’s famous monologue in finish Bill: Vol. 2 described an inverted perspective on Superman. The one in which most heroes dress up to hide their human identity, but Superman has to dress up to hide that he is a superhero. His natural state is higher than the average person. And James Gunn seems to understand this on another level. He told the Hollywood Reporter:

The story of Superman as an immigrant, hero and the strongest person in the universe is part of his character. But just as every Batman is different from the others, even this Superman must give us something different from what we have seen before. James Gunn needs to find a story in The Superman story that has not yet been told. Although we can only guess what Gunn’s particular taste for Superman will be, it is clear that he has a difficult task ahead.

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