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James Gunn Movie of Superman Stories Could Be Adapted

James Gunn recently announced a ton of new projects for his DCU. The most exciting of them is certainly his new Version of Superman, which he writes and directs himself. It turns out that this has been his passion project for decades. Now he has a chance to bring his love for Superman to the big screen in a new way. We have already seen of the movie like Superman, Superman Returns and Man of Steel. Then there are the TV shows such as Lois & Clark: the new adventures of Superman, Superman: the animated series, Smallville, Supergirl and Superman and Lois. All these shows and films have interesting plots that the new Film could be inspired by. Not only that, but there are also video games and comic books that contain stories that Gunn could draw on.

There are decades of Superman stories out there. New villains to face, new challenges and new versions of the character himself that could light up the screen and change Hollywood forever. Here are some of the best Superman scenarios that could be great movies.

Superman All-Star

There is a Superman story that we already know that James Gunn is watching.It would be the legendary “All-Star Superman” by Grant Morrison. If you have any questions about the shooting of a movie like “All-Star Superman”, then you have no idea what your plans are for the film and the story of the girl you want to write about in the comic strip.

This comic begins with Superman bravely rescuing a group of astronauts on a Mission that led them to the surface of the sun. Superman’s proximity to the yellow sun, which gives him his powers, charges him and makes him more powerful than ever. Unfortunately, this turns out to be too much. Superman has only one year left to live. What follows is an incredible journey through Superman’s life as he completes a series of tasks before his time runs out. It would be an exciting live action movie, even for a young Superman.


It’s crazy that there have been so many Superman movies over the years and none of them showed Brainiac. (Although the legendary Superman not made lives with Nic Cage, since Superman almost showed the famous villain.) Brainiac has proven to be one of Clark’s biggest opponents over the years. One that has several different origins that would make a great movie.

If you want to be aware of the fact that a race is an extraterrestrial completely different, certain of the consequences of the Brainiac included being aware of the Ultron-style artificial intelligence developed on Krypton which may or may not have caused the destruction of the planet. Whatever his origin, he is an intergalactic despot who travels through the galaxy, gathering rare species and entire cities, and erasing everything else in his path. He’s a perfect movie villain, especially for a new franchise looking to stand out.

World of war

Today, the most famous comic book villain is undoubtedly Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. It is therefore a breeze to present to the moviegoer the own Thanos of the Superman Franchise. Mongul (and his various descendants who share his name) is the despotic madman who runs “Warworld”. This society revolves around constant action with other cultures and gladiator-style confrontations in their own world.

This pitch for a film is quite simple. This is a simple Gladiator by Ridley Scott with Man of Steel and Thor: Ragnarök with a yellow Thanos as the main antagonist. If this doesn’t sound like a guaranteed summer blockbuster, then what?

Old friends with Lex Luthor

With a new Superman movie franchise, a new Lex Luthor is coming. So far, the films have made different versions of Lex, including the Evil Genius Version that Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey played, then Evil Businessman that Jesse Eisenberg played. There is a Version of Lex Luthor that has not yet reached the big screen, and this is perhaps the best Version of the character of all time.

Smallville reinvented the relationship Superman had with his main enemy by presenting him as a friend of Clark Kent before he was Superman. Crazy about Clark’s secret and his relationship with his father Lionel Luthor, Lex ends up becoming the evil villain for which we knew him. Only now there is additional drama, because Clark will always consider Lex his misunderstood best friend instead of an evil bully. If Professor X and Magneto’s strange friendly relationship made for an awesome cinematic drama, it would definitely be a winner.


For some, the final Version of Superman did not appear in the movies or comics. For these Fans, Superman: The Animated Series was the best Version of the character ever. There are several awesome stories from the series, and the following sequels, which would be perfect for the big screen. Arguably the greatest Superman story of the series came when Darkseid captured Superman and brainwashed Him into thinking he was a son of apokolips. Then, as an alien conqueror, he led an army of Parademons against earth. Even when he regained his senses and reduced Darkseid to mush, the damage to his public Image was done. The following shows would lead even his closest friends like Emil Hamilton to turn against him for this reason.

James Gunn has already said that this DC universe is the one he wants to emulate for the new cinematic universe. This story would certainly be cinematic gold. That and it could potentially pay for The Knightmare story of the Snyderverse. These are two great birds with one stone.

For the man who has everything

There are a ton of Superman stories out there, but only a few dozen are some of the best comics ever made. One of these stories is “for the man who has everything”, written by Alan Moore. It tells the story of Superman’s birthday, where the villain Mongul delivers an alien creature to him that places Superman in a fantasy world where he could start a family on Krypton. Once this beautiful Illusion is finished, he puts a lot of pain on Mongul for the birthday present.

The only problem here is that everyone knows what Alan Moore thinks about film adaptations of his work. If James Gunn were to adapt this story, there is no doubt that it would open up to all of us another series Of Alan Moore telling anyone who will listen how much he hates the comic book industry now.

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