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Lois Is the Current Version of Superman

Superman & Lois premiered on the CW in 2021 and told the story of Superman (Tyler Hoeclin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) raising their twins Jordan and Jonathan Kent in Smallville. The series was created to receive rave reviews from fans. While there were certainly questions about the show’s connection to the Arrowverse that would go unanswered for two seasons, Superman and Lois seemed to tap into something that audiences had long been not-found in Superman’s stories. Superman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time, but in the modern era, when superheroes dominated pop culture, the hero with whom it all began fought.

Warner Bros. struggled with Superman movies. First there was the box office disappointment of Superman Returns, and seven years after, Man of Steel received a mixed critical response. The joint DCEU experienced many false starts and sudden stops and conflicts behind the scenes, which brought Henry Cavill’s version of Superman into a state of limbo.

There has been a lot of talk about James Gunn’s upcoming Superman: Legacy, which will usher in a new era for DCU and revive Superman. While the big-screen version of Superman had problems, he was present on the small screen and Superman & Lois could be the best version of the character’s story since Christopher Reeve’s Superman stories. Here’s why Superman & Lois is the best modern version of Superman.

Making Superman a Father is a Brilliant Gesture

The idea of Superman as a father seems so obvious, surprisingly, no one had thought about it before. The idea was finally explored at the 2016 rebirth event in the Superman comics by Peter Tomasi and the Art of Patrick Gleason, in which Superman and Lois Lane got married and raised a young son named Jonathan Kent. Superman & Lois is heavily inspired by this comic, but with the addition of a new character, Jordan Kent, who has superpowers, while Jonathan is normal like his mother.

Making Superman a parent is a great update of the character’s status quo and pushes his stories in new directions. This gives the character a new level of humanity and vulnerability. Superman may have all these powers, but how does he deal with the daily struggles that arise from raising teenagers? It opens his relationship with Lois Lane and presents many aspects that superhero stories rarely touch, such as marriage and parenting. It also picks up on Superman’s status as a pop culture icon, a character that everyone admires as a father figure, so he’s really becoming one now. Many authors have wondered how to modernize Superman, and this simple idea radically revises the character, while maintaining its basic principles.

The most developed role for Lois Lane in years

Lois Lane is the most important character in Superman mythology, next to the Man of Steel himself. She is the great love of her life as well as her colleague and RESPECTED journalist. Nevertheless, many adaptations tend to fail Lois Lane, focusing on her as a romantic partner. Smallville devoted a lot of time to the development of Lois, but the first part of the series tended to over-sexualize her. Elizabeth Tulloch’s portrayal of Lois Lane is arguably the best live-action version of the character ever.

Superman & Lois is doing an excellent job of establishing Lois Lane in a variety of roles. The audience can see his relationship with Clark in a romantic sense, but also how they deal with their role as parents. Seeing Lois Lane as a mother creates a lot of new storylines for the character. More importantly, the series gives her storylines outside of Superman’s adventures and shows what a great journalist she is. The second season delves more deeply into Lois’ family and her relationship with her father, General Sam Lane, and her sister Lucy. These are elements that have been explored in comics, but are often dropped in adaptations. The series is marketed as Superman & Lois, ensuring that she plays an equally important role in the story as her husband.

Superman And Lois Celebrate Neglected Supporting Characters

Superman & Lois offers a great cast of supporting characters. Although traditional Superman stalwarts such as Perry White and Jimmy Olsen are not present, it gives the series the opportunity to highlight many other characters from the Superman comics that have been underused. Lana Lang, Clark’s childhood friend, gets an extended role in the series as a mother and now the mayor of the city. The show does a great job by expanding its dynamic as two adult girlfriends and giving her a lot of great scenes as Lois Lane to show that there is jealousy or hostility between them just because they went out with the same man.

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